Mondo Delirium A film byFlavio Sciolè

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Mondo Delirium is the third film in the Delirium Cycle with which Sciolè enacts the encounter between experimental cinema and Italian-style b-movies. The emotional dominant is delirium.

The film’s structure is based on an editing that sees the obsessive use of thousands and thousands of cuts and no fades.

The restitution is alienating, disturbing, decomposed, visionary.

Symbology, rituals and subliminals amplify the film’s cursed atmosphere.

The theme of this third work is the bestiality of man, his being useless, cruel for pleasure (not for instance as happens in the animal world).

The reference in the title to Mondo Movie is, in fact, backwards.

Because of the reference to certain Cinema Bis and the exaggerated use of Sciolè/Theatro Ateo stylistic-modules it is codified as Sciolèxploitation.

RegiaFlavio Sciolè Producer GenresExperimental, Feature film Tag Flavio Sciolè / underground cinema
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