Pietre Film was formally set in 2020 from the ten-year collaboration of Elsi Perino and Ilaria Ciavattini. Pietre Film deals with issues such as sexuality, identity and gender, stereotypes related to orientation and multiple expressions of interpersonal relationships through documentary and video installations. A man must be strong (Italy 2019) is the first documentary written and co-directed by Perino / Ciavattini in co-production with Malfè Film and Caravan Film, premiered at the 60th Festival dei Popoli in Florence. The documentary deals with the female to male transition of a guy who has been living in the chronic province of Brescia since when he was born.
In 2021 Pietre Film produces Venti Arcobaleno, a documentary for the twentieth anniversary of the Lgbtq+ Service of the Municipality of Turin.

Nationality: Italia Web site: https://www.unuomodevessereforte.com/site/