44 Messages from Catalonia A film byAnna Giralt Gris

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"44 messages from Catalonia” charts the struggle for independence in private whatsapp conversations

In 2017, the citizens of Catalonia voted to become an independent state. The referendum was then deemed illegal in Spain’s constitutional court. Through on-the-street conversations and actual WhatsApp chats, join the voters as they head to the polls and anxiously await the results.


The Intercept online premiere 2018 DMZ Docs Korean Premiere 2018 Shortlisted Grierson Awards 2018


director: Anna Giralt Gris, Ross Domoney
producer: Laura Poitras
executive producer: Anna Giralt Gris
script: Anna Giralt Gris, Jorge Caballero
dop: Ross Domoney
editor: Sibila Estruch

RegiaAnna Giralt Gris GenresShort movie Length 18' Year 2018 Country Spain / USA Format 2K Tag Anna giralt Gris / Purple Meridians