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Present Imperfect (Voices from the First Lockdown)

Regia di: Maddalena Merlino, Claudio Paletto 2020

Italy, March 2020, the Covid pandemic hit hard. During the first lockdown a couple of filmmakers tries to survive the alienating condition of isolation.

If I've won, if I've lost

Regia di: Gian Luca Rossi 2020

Alberto, Giampiero and Sergio are just three kids when in 1982 they founded the punk-rock band KINA, in the small mountain town of Aosta, Italy.

Thirty Souls - Trinta Lumes

Regia di: Lara Vilanova 2017

In O Courel in Galicia, Spain, the dead dwell amongst the living. The film opens with images of a deserted mountainous region and picturesque villages over…

Arrivederci Saigon (excerpt)

Regia di: Wilma Labate 2018

Five young girls, armed with musical instruments and a desire to sing, leave the Tuscan province for a tour in the Far East. They dream of…

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A Sleeping Dog

"Jazz is something that is always on the verge of breaking down and always on the verge of starting again. However it goes, you should remember that there was a time when this was very good."

2011 Dario Martinez go to movie

Bullied to death

"Bullied to death" depicts a 24 hour performance against homophobia through the real stories of teenagers worldwide that experience severe bullying episodes at school, from their own families and on the web, as a result of their coming out about…

2016 Giovanni Coda go to movie

If I've won, if I've lost

Alberto, Giampiero and Sergio are just three kids when in 1982 they founded the punk-rock band KINA, in the small mountain town of Aosta, Italy.

2020 Gian Luca Rossi go to movie

The Naked Pink

Inspired by The Life of Pierre Seel and the autobiography written in collaboration with Jean Le Bitoux, who in turn was one of the most important GLBT rights activists in France and Europe

2013 Giovanni Coda go to movie

La voce Stratos

From "Pugni chiusi" to Area, through John Cage. The film about Demetrio Stratos, his unique voice and his unparalleled research.

2009 Luciano D'Onofrio, Monica Affatato go to movie

Mark's Diary

The film follows Mark e Andrew, two disabled boys. When they met, an incredible attraction explodes but it can just flourish as a "mental construction". A virtual love, a one day lasting dream and the awareness that nothing will be…

2018 Giovanni Coda go to movie

Tanzen mit Righeira

The documentary "Tanzen mit Righeira" (Dance with Righeira), whose title is inspired by an old song of theirs, traces their successes and their falls. The artistic and personal story of Italy's most famous musical "brothers" is retraced, thanks to their…

2008 Alessandro Castelletto go to movie
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Tevî Her Tiştî – Despite Everything

Rodi Hesen and Perwin Hemo dreamed of opening a Kurdish cultural library on the first floor of their family home. The young couple, just 20 days into their marriage, are murdered in cold blood along with nine other members of…

The world of Luigi Ghirri

This documentary was made in the same spirit and with the same imperative that Luigi Ghirri used in his own photography: see things as part of a greater whole and look at those things with a sense of emotional commitment.

1999 Gianni Celati go to movie

Without Permission

A worker recounts with his unpublished super8 the workers' struggles at Fiat Mirafiori, in the 1970s the largest factory in Europe.

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44 Messages from Catalonia

"44 messages from Catalonia” charts the struggle for independence in private whatsapp conversations

2018 Anna Giralt Gris go to movie

Extract Histoire d'une larme

Based on the book “Ocean Terminal” by Piergiorgio Welby Italian poet, painter and activist whose three-month-long battle to establish his right to die led to a debate about euthanasia in Italy, an exclusive short preview of the next film by…

2021 Giovanni Coda go to movie


On April 20, 2017 in Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the young police office Xavier Jugelé lost his life during a terror attack, the most recent of a long series in France.

2017 Giovanni Coda go to movie