Arrivederci Saigon (excerpt) A film byWilma Labate

Five young girls, armed with musical instruments and a desire to sing, leave the Tuscan province for a tour in the Far East. They dream of success, but find themselves at war. It's 1968 and the war is the real one in Vietnam.

Viewing of excerpts from Wilma Labate’s film Arrivederci, Saigon (Goodbye Saigon) is only available in the territories of Spain and Turkey.

They are very young and come from all over the industrial districts of Tuscany, so different from the famous hills of Chianti: the steelworks of Piombino, the port of Livorno and the Piaggio factories in Pontedera. It is the red province of “houses of the people” and the Italian Communist Party. Getting away from this region is a dream for them, but this is 1968 and everything is possible. They receive an offer they can’t turn down, a tour in the Far East: Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore. Armed with musical instruments and a desire to sing, they set off hoping for success but find themselves in the middle of a war, and the war is the real one of Vietnam. Fifty years later Le Stars tell the story of their adventure amongst American soldiers, remote jungle bases and soul music.


with: Viviana Tacchella, Rossella Canaccini, Daniela Santerini, Franca Deni

script: Wilma Labate, Giampaolo Simi

screenplay: Wilma Labate

editing: Mario Marrone

photography: Daniele Ciprì

sound: Gianfranco Tortora

production: Emanuele Nespeca, Gabriele Trama

artistic producer: Gianluca Arcopinto

RegiaWilma Labate GenresShort movie Length 16' Year 2018 Country Italy Tag The Purple Meridians / Wilma Labate
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The Purple Meridians