Emanuele Artom A film byFrancesco Momberti

Emanuele Artom was a young antiFascist raised in Turin who joined the Resistance in the “Giustizia e Libertà“ brigades. He was deeply concerned with democratic culture and the Jewish tradition. In 1944 he was captured by the Italian SS and
savagely murdered. After a hasty burial, his body was never found. For years historians have tried to understand why. This documentary attempts to reconstruct Artom’s intellectual and political journey within the ranks of clandestine resistance, through the voice of those who met him and through his diary. The narrating voice is Artom’s own journal, in which the ideas of the Italian anti-fascist opposition become
a testament for a future society.


Synopsis: Manuela Cidda, Francesco Momberti
Cinematograpy: Claudio Meloni
Editor: Manuela Cidda

RegiaFrancesco Momberti ProducerPIANOERRE GenresDocumentary, Hystorical Length 57 Year 2011 Country Italia, Israele Tag Momberti Francesco
Trailer Emanuele Artom