İçeridenDışarıya O Kalabalığı Hatırla (Remember The March) A film byGüliz Sağlam

Is staying home enough to stay alive in pandemic times?

In ‘Remember the March’, Güliz Sağlam documents the days when women took to the streets to protest male violence despite the pandemic. We see empty streets from a window. We hear reports from the Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation on violence against women during the pandemic.  We learn how the law to prevent violence is not enforced. And then, as women go out to the streets, we become part of the crowd, witnessing the power in solidarity in hopeless times.

RegiaGüliz Sağlam GenresShort movie Length 13' Year 2020 Country Turkey Format HD Tag Altyazı Fasikul / Güliz Sağlam / Purple Meridians
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The Purple Meridians