A closed mouth catches no flies A film byNiccolò Bruna

“Ethiopia as an origin country for persons subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. According to the 2013 Global Slavery Index, there are currently 651,110 Ethiopians in modern slavery both within Ethiopia and abroad, which ranks Ethiopia fifth in the world in terms of the largest absolute numbers of the population in slavery.”

The documentary is set in Ambassel province, northern Ethiopia. Here the fate of the women of Wuchale, is bound by ancient customs under which women are expected to silently submit to men’s authority. As the proverb says, “A closed mouth catches no flies”. Silence is the rule. But today’s young women want to break the rule and talk. The luckier ones, like Tirongu, manage to get an education; the others migrate to Arab countries to escape the hardships of their homeland.
From Ethiopia most of the girls who wants to turn their destiny are forced to migrate, often ending in a the vicious circle of human trafficking and slavery. The only positive alternative is the school access. Cifa Onlus works to provide this lucky chance to the girls of Wuchale.


Movie Tellers - Narrazioni Cinematografiche - Moncalieri (TO) 2016 Cinemambiente - Torino 2015


Screenplay: Alessandro Gilioli, Niccolò Bruna;
Production: Marco Pastori - Cifa
Music: Gétatchèw Mèkurya

RegiaNiccolò Bruna ProducerCifa ONG GenresDocumentary, Gender Equality, migranti, Short movie, Social documentary Length 26' Year 2015 Country Italy Format HD, colore Tag Cifa / donne / Etiopia / migrazioni / Niccolò Bruna / scuola / Wuchale