Rerooting A film byThe Post (Film) Collective

The act of filmmaking needs to be reassembled. Foregrounding the social and open-ended process of filmmaking, the Belgium based Post (Film) Collective is trying to formulate a language that correlates to collective experience.

In REROOTING a spider is weaving a home while images of nature are juxtaposed with a voiceover that reflects on who has access to the pleasures of strolling through nature and who simply needs to survive its harshness to cross borders.
Who does space belong to?
Who gets to draw borders, producing subjects inside and outside and thereby the conditions of migration?
The collective describe their work as a rehearsal of “the capacity to hold space for each other”, which includes first and foremost to accept and encourage the otherness of each perspective while holding onto the desire to make images together. 
The Post (Film) Collective usually uses the format of a Ciné-Assembly: a practice of cinema as a form of gathering and communal assembly (between the audience, the films, the filmmakers and the cinema space) which opens up collective knowledge-production, reciprocal exchange and ethics of connectedness.