Without Permission

A worker recounts with his unpublished super8 the workers' struggles at Fiat Mirafiori, in the 1970s the largest factory in Europe.


The march of the 40,000, which in 1980 marked the destiny of Fiat and its workers, of the city of Turin and of Italy as a whole, could easily have been stopped, not even started, says Pietro Perotti in the documentary made with Pier Milanese.


To prove it, there are his super 8s, his photos, his tapes. But also his sculptures, first in papier-mâché and then in foam rubber, which have become a symbol of the political and union struggle in Italy since those days at Fiat, when creativity was the result of a collective commitment to communicate ironically and visibly.
There were 70,000 workers in the Fiat Mirafiori plant. The entire city pulsed to the rhythm of the factory.
Pietro Perotti tells us about that factory, through what he filmed just for everyone.

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Trailer Without Permission