Chiara Ronchini


Roma, 1976

She was born as an editor, but in recent years she has been experimenting as a director following her passions and intuitions.
She researches archive material, reasoning on the re-signification of footage as a tool for political, anthropological and cultural reflection on contemporaneity.
Her writing for images is guided by a feminist gaze attentive to grasp the complexity of the stories she composes and tells.
Among her latest works as editor, and director - together with Steve Della Casa - "BULLI & PUPE, a sentimental story of the 50s" (2018) and NESSUNO CI PUÒ GIUDICARE (2017), winner of a Silver Ribbon, her last work "Giovanna, stories from a voice" will be presented during the 39th Torino Film Festival.


Nessuno ci può giudicare – (co-direction with Steve Della Casa) – 2017

Bulli & Pupe, a sentimental journey of the 50s – (co-direction with Steve Della Casa) – 2018

Giovanna, stories from a voice – 2021


Bulli & Pupe, a sentimental history of the 50s (excerpt)