Ruken Ergüneş Özdemir


She graduated from Dicle University, Department of Sociology in 2006, and worked as a classroom teacher in Van and as a researcher in Diyarbakır Göç-der. Ruken was a coordinator and consultant at Diyarbakır Silvan Municipality Meya Women’s Consultancy Center. After graduating from the Cinema Department of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Aram Tigran Conservatory, she worked as a coordinator of the project “A purple touch to cinema”, run by Bağlar Municipality. During the project 4 short films about violence against women were produced and 30 women were trained for different filmmaking occupations.

She is one of the founders and board member of Rosa Women’s Association, which was opened in Diyarbakır in 2018 to combat violence against women.


Veşarti (Hidden)

Pira hut


Tu fem kir? (Get it?)

Nationality: Turkey


Veşarti (Cache)