The Nonexistent Knight A film byPino Zac

Agilulfo is the best of the paladins of Charlemagne. Noble and faithful to duty; in reality it is nothing but an empty armor, held up by its sole will to be and therefore can never abandon its “consciousness of being”: if this were to happen, it would cease to exist.

During a march with the army, Charlemagne designates a squire for Agilulfo, Gurdulù, a
man “who is there, but who does not know he is there”, who will accompany the rider for
his adventures. In one night, Agilulfo is also acquainted with Rambaldo, a young knight who
joined the army of Charlemagne to avenge his father’s death. Rambaldo falls in love with
Bradamante, also a champion, but in love with Agilulfo, in which he sees the ideal of the
perfect rider.
One evening the knight Torrismondo, annoyed by the cold perfection of Agilulfo, doubts the
legitimacy of his investiture as a knight, affirming that Sofronia, the princess saved by the
brigands from the knight to become such, was only a servant of the Knights of Valhalla.
So the rider is forced to leave, accompanied by Gurdulù, in search of Sofronia, the only
one able to prove the regularity of his investiture. The paladin Bradamante tries to follow
him, in turn pursued by Rambaldo. Even Torrismondo decides to leave, disgusted by the
degradation of the army of Charlemagne, to find the Knights of Valhalla, with whom he grew
up and unique considered by him worthy of respect and esteem, from which, however, will
in turn be disappointed.
After various vicissitudes for all the seekers, Agilulfo finds Sofronia in Morocco, in the palace
of the sultan. Managed to take her away from there, he leads her where he will then meet
Charlemagne and hides her for a night in a cave. Here, however, finds Torrismondo, who
takes her away with him, having fallen in love with her, so Agilulfo, unable to prove his
reason for being a knight, ceases to exist.
Bradamante, due to the despair of having lost his beloved, retires to a convent from which,
however, will be taken away by Rambaldo. The latter, clad in Agilulfo’s white armor, finally
manages to conquer Bradamante’s love.




Hana Ruzickova (Teodora Bradamante / Priscilla / Sofronia),
Stefano Oppedisano (Torrismondo / Rambaldo / Rinaldo),
Evelina Vermigli Gori (Candida’s sister),
Pilar Castel,
Adriana Facchetti,
Marina Fiorentini,
Rita Forzano,
Dina Perbellini,
Rosabianca Scerrino,
Rita Perego,
Nunù Sanchioni,
Tony Erè

Sceneggiatura Tommaso Chiaretti, Pino Zac
Fotografia Emanuele Piccirilli
Musica Sergio Battistella, Mario Migliardi
Scenografia Gino Giuliani
Montaggio Mauro Bonanni
Produzione Istituto Luce
Distribuzione Ital-Noleggio Cinematografico

Trailer The Nonexistent Knight