The Naked Pink A film byGiovanni Coda

Inspired by The Life of Pierre Seel and the autobiography written in collaboration with Jean Le Bitoux, who in turn was one of the most important GLBT rights activists in France and Europe

Talking about Seel’s traumatic event means to underline the horrors carried out by the Nazis also towards those who were classified as homosexuals.

Il Rosa Nudo focuses above all on a painful and terrible episode that will mark Seel’s emotionality for the rest of his life. At the time of his internment, Seel was only 17 years old. Deported to the Schimerck camp, he witnessed the atrocious death of his companion.

Among the millions of victims affected by the Nazi madness during the Second World War, the French Pierre Seel, on May 13, 1941, was deported by the Germans and interned in the concentration camp of Schirmeck, 30 km from Strasbourg, where he suffered torture and violence because of his sexual orientation. Having survived this terrifying experience, Seel, after the end of the conflict, in an attempt to give new meaning to his life, married and became a father. In 1982, however, he was the first to denounce the terrible events that united him to thousands of other homosexuals, marked like him with the pink triangle: a resounding coming out that added horror to horror. The Naked Rose, taking its cue from his autobiography Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexuel, tells in a theatrical and evocative way the Holocaust, dwelling also on the scientific theories for the treatment of homosexuality by Carl Peter Veernet, which opened the way to Nazi persecution.




Torino LGBT Film Festival Anteprima Nazionale 2013 70ma Mostra d’arte Cinematografica di Venezia Special Event Queer Lion Award 2013 Social Justice Film Festival Gold Jury Prize 2013 Gothenburg Independent Film Festival Film For Peace Award 2014 Melbourne Underground Film Festival Best International Movie 2014 Accolade Competition Award Of Excellence 2014 Documentary & Short Film Festival Gold Award Best Documentary 2014 Columbus International Film Festival Bronze Plaque Award Best Movie 2014 Film & Photography Film Festival Diamond Award Best Movie 2014 Mexico International Film Festival Bronze Plaque Award Feature Film 2015


screenplay: Giovanni Coda

editing: Andrea Lotta

photoprapy: Giovanni Coda

music: Irma Toudjian, Les Sticks Fluò, Quartetto Alborada

sound: Giovanni Coda

voice over: Cesare Saliu, Massimo Aresu

with: Gianni Dettori, Italo Medda, Sergio Anrò, Gianni Loi, Mattia Casanova, Francesco Ottonello, Mauro Ferrari, Luca Catalano, Lorena Piccapietra, Assunta Pittaluga, Carlo Porru, Cricot Teatro

producers: Emilio Milia, Giovanni Coda

production(s): ReindeerCatSolutions, Labor Cinema, V-Art Festival

backstage: Claudio Piludu

RegiaGiovanni Coda Producer GenresDocumentary, Drama, Experimental, Hystorical Length 70' Year 2013 Country Italy Format bn/color Tag Giovanni Coda / homocaust / IL ROSA NUDO / lgbt / lgbtqi+
Poster Il Rosa Nudo
Trailer The Naked Pink