Giovanni Coda


Giovanni Coda (Cagliari, 1964) is an Italian film director, author, screenwriter and photographer. He is the author of video-photographic installations in international museums and galleries, including the Biennale of Video Art in Venice and Milan, the Cultural Salon Aoyama in Tokyo, the Waterman's Arts Centre in London, the Maison d'Italie in Paris, the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and others. His exhibition activity consists of a plentiful production of photographic, painting, electronic art collections and performances, awarded in Italy and abroad. From his filmography, we mention, among others, L'attesa (1995), L'ombra del ricordo (1996), Il passeggero (1998), Tagli (1998), Lìmites (1999), Drawing (2000), Serafina (2002), Big Talk (2005), One Tv Hour (2007), Brightness (2012). In 2013 he produced (as a writer, director and cinematographer) the feature film Il rosa nudo, inspired by the life of Pierre Seel, deported to a concentration camp at the age of 17 after being marked as a homosexual. The film, which boasts 27 official international selections, has been awarded 11 times. Among the many awards, we mention the Gold Jury Prize, Best Narrative Feature at the 2013 Social Justice Film Festival in Seattle, the Film For Peace Award at the Gothenburg Indie Film Fest 2014, the Best International Film Award at the 15th Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) 2014, the Gold Documentary Award at the Documentary & Short International Movie 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia, the Bronze Plaque Award at the Columbus Independent Film Festival, Columbus (Ohio), in Amsterdam (New Renaissance Film Festival) and the Best Film award at the Omovies Film Festival in Naples. In 2015, he wrote and directed Bullied to Death, with which he replicated the success of the previous Il rosa nudo with critics and international audiences. It won, among others awards, the Best Avant-Garde & Innovation Award at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, the Best Feature Film at the Film Festival Omovies in Naples, the Best Feature Film at the Aquila LGBT Film Festival, the Jury Special Mention at the Iris Prize in Cardiff and the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam, the Humanity Award for socio-cultural merits. In 2017, Coda directs Xavier, a film focusing on the terrorist attack in April 2017 on the Champs-Elysées, where policeman Xavier Jugelé was killed. The short film confirms the international success of Coda's two previous works by openng the Out On Film Festival in Atlanta with its world premiere. It was followed by a screening in Cardiff (Opening Night Iris Prize' Prize' 17), an Italian premiere at the Florence Queer Film Festival followed by presentations Seattle (Social Justice Film Festival), Chicago (Pride On Film), Toulouse DIAM Film Festival, London Beacon Film Festival, which will be followed by the Columbus International Film Festival in Ohio and the Show Me Justice Film Festival, Warrensburg (Kansas City), Central University of Missouri, Amsterdam and Cagliari (V-art Festival). Xavier won the Film of the Week and Best Story awards at the New Renaissance Film Festival and the Jury Special Mention at the Omovies Festival in Naples. Giovanni Coda is currently distributing Mark's Diary, released in February 2019 with its world premiere at the NRFF in Amsterdam, where it won the following awards: Best Director and Best Art Film. Mark's Diary also won Best Film at the Omovies Film Festival in Naples and Best Film at the Rainbow Film Festival of Lecce. In the US, the film received an Honorable Mention at the L.A. Independent Film Festival (Los Angeles) and a Best Experimental Feature at the Gathering Indie Film Festival in Cleveland. In addition, the film was screened at the Salto Independent Film Festival (Best Experimental Feature Film) in Uruguay and the Santa Cruz International Film Festival (Best Experimental Feature Film) in Santa Cruz, Argentina in 2019.
In 2021 Giovanni Coda has released, Histoire d'Une Larme, inspired by the book  Ocean Terminal by Piergiorgio Welby


Ne Varietur (1991, 50’); Il Lampadario (1994, 50’); P-salm (1995, 5’); L'attesa (1995, 45’); L'ombra del ricordo (1996, 45’); Heaven Heaven (1997, 15’); InTolerance (1998, 1’); Il Passeggero (1998, 8’); Tagli (1998, 15’); Ex Vision (1998, 45’); Ombre (1998,15’); Lìmites (1999, 10’); Drawing (2000, 5’) Serafina (2002, 18’); X-Vision (2002, 45’); Diario (2002, 10’); Inferno I (2002, 50’),  Other Body (2003, 30’);  Viaggio Per Caso (2003, 5’); TVSet (2003, 5’); Dentro una maschera (2003, 13’); Inferno II (2003, 50’); Jean (2003, 15’); Paisaje de Guerra (2003, 25’); WarDerLand (2004, 15’); Inferno III (2004, 50’); The Body (2004, 45’); TVBody (2005, 15’); It Won’t Stop (2005, 7’); Il Trucco e l’Anima (2005, 30’); One TV Hour (2005, 65’); Solo (2005, 25’); Soul Waters (2006, 15’); Big Talk (2007, 65’); The Box Man (2008, 15’); I racconti del mare (2009, 15’); Cosa ti darò (2009, 20’); Anime (2010, 20’); Teresa (2011, 15’); Brightness (2012, 22’); Il Rosa Nudo (2013, 75’ ); Bullied to Death (IT-USA, 2016, 75'); Xavier (2017', 8'); Mark’s Diary ( IT-UK, 2019, 75’); Histoire d’Una Larme (IT-FR, 2021); Bride In The Wind (IT, 75’ color, ETA September 2022) 

Nationality: Italy


Xavier Mark's Diary Extract Histoire d'une larme Bullied to death The Naked Pink