Mark's Diary A film byGiovanni Coda

The film follows Mark e Andrew, two disabled boys. When they met, an incredible attraction explodes but it can just flourish as a "mental construction". A virtual love, a one day lasting dream and the awareness that nothing will be the same again.

Inspired to the book “Loveability” by Maximiliano Ulivieri, the first Italian one based on true stories and written with contribution of researcher, that faces a topic and field of treatment well-known in most of the European countries, but not in Italy.





english cast: Mark Cirillo, Caleb J. Spivak
italian cast: Maximiliano Ulivieri, Giacomo Curti
dancers: Luca Massidda, Rachele Montis, Matteo Viola, Giulia Vacca
with: Gianni Dettori, Michele Andrich, Carla Cossu, Daniele Serra, Davide Cauli, Cristina Lopez Loddo
with extraordinary participation of: Circo Zamuner e Sergio Anrò
original music: Cosimo Morleo, Andrea Andrillo, Arnaldo Pontis, Les Stick Fluo
staging: Giovanna Stancampiano, Donatella Deidda

RegiaGiovanni Coda GenresFeature film Length 75' Year 2018 Country Italy/UK Format HD
Mark's Diary4