The Factory is Full A film byIrene Dionisio

October 2010: Fiat Grandi Motori, an historic industrial facility in Turin is about to be demolished.

Inside, a pair of unemployed Romanians – modern Beckett-style heroes – and a silent veteran of the abandoned factory, nicknamed the “managing director”, live in limbo between desperation and hysterical euphoria, between waiting for phantom jobs, departures and sudden returns, repressed violence and profound humanity. The disused factory becomes the stage for their personal and archetypal “tragicomedy”, the final act of which is drawn out until the final phase of the demolition.


Visions du Reel - Nyon Glocal Film Festival Premio Glocal; Premio CGIL Spi Taiwan International Documentary Festival Arcipelago Film Festival - Roma Longlake Film Festival Docucity Festival du Cinema Italien Paris


Synopsis: Irene Dionisio, Luiz Antonio Pinho Junior
Screenplay: Irene Dionisio, Luiz Antonio Pinho Junior
Soundtrack: Matteo Marini
Editing: Alessandro Baltera
Cinematogrphy: Francesca Cirilli
Production: Irene Dionisio, Enrico Giovannone

RegiaIrene Dionisio ProducerBabydoc, GenresDocumentary, Feature film Length 56' Year 2012 Country Italy Tag Irene Dionisio / sociale