Francesco Cannavà


Francesco Cannavà, Born in Messina in 1981, has lived in Rome since 1999. After his graduation in Communication Sciences at LUMSA University of Rome, he specialized in film direction at the Nuct/Cinecittà film school in Rome.
Through his work as director and screenwriter Francesco has collaborated with cultural institutions and broadcasters, including Tribeca Film Festival - Taormina Film Fest - San Francisco Film Society - Rai - La 7 - Doc/it - CSC - Italian Institutes of New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and St.Petersburg. His latest short documentary, “Veneranda Augusta”, has been screened at several international film festivals and has received the Yale University Environment 360 Award for best documentary in 2018 and a Special Mention at the Silver Ribbon 2018 for Civic Commitment. He is currently working on his first long-lenght film, the documentary "Because of My Body", produced by B&B Film. The project was selected at Sheffield MeetMarket 2019.

Nazionalità: Italia


Because of my body