I Had a Dream - english subtitles Un film di Claudia Tosi

The story of Manuela, MP, and Daniela, a city council member, told intimately and in full without ever ceasing to maintain an elegant air of respect, fits into the context (and this is the challenge for the protagonists at the beginning of their journey) of an Italy where "Berlusconism".

An attitude governed by the “total disinterest of the Other,” which has “ruined” the country and is expressed in shameless sexism, continues to creep in violent insulting messages sent to the elected official on Facebook, the harmless words of ordinary citizens and the jokes made by a party colleague about women’s manners, who acts as if it’s nothing. Because it’s a matter of fact that women aren’t allowed to act in the same disrespectful manner.

And so, they keep their calm.


Because it’s a matter of fact that women aren’t allowed to act in the same disrespectful manner. And so, they keep their calm.

The fact that Manuela and Daniela are forced to fight for women’s rights in this notoriously patriarchal society is inevitable, but Tosi’s film also shows how, whether they like it or not, we often tend to “reduce” them to this one mission alone, and to one-off actions in general, when what they really want is to implement an overall project for the country, a dynamic which we experience here in immense frustration.

Indeed, throughout this political journey (the initial momentum, the throes of the campaign, the innumerable obstacles…), we watch as the protagonists, still being filmed today, venture to a cinema to comment on footage recorded ten years earlier in the light of their total and absolute despondency.


DOK Leipzig Fipresci Prize, Premio Golden Dove, Premio Interreligious Jpry 2018 Docpoint Official selection 2018 Biografilm Premio del pubblico 2019 Human Rights Film Festival Berlin Nomination 2019 Doxa Official selection 2019 Magnificent 7 Official selection 2019


Co-produzione  Movimenta e Cosmographe Productions (Ita-Fra) e France Télévision
Anno: 2018
Durata: 84'
Produttori: Claudia Tosi e Nathalie Combe
Camera: Claudia Tosi
Additional footage: Andrea Gioacchini
Montaggio: Marco Duretti
Suono: Diego Schiavo
Post-produzione italiana: Zenit Arti-Audiovisive
Color Grading: Paolo Rapalino
Supervisore montaggio: Menno Boerema, Iikka Vehkalahti per Rough Cut Service
Post-produzione francese: France Télévision, Toulouse
Coordinatore post-produzione: Alain Bonnet
Manager Video post-production: Fabrice Audouin
Montaggio del suono e mix: Jean-Marc Dussardier
Color grading: Saul Mêmeteau
In collaborazione con France Télévisions, France 3 Corse ViaStella
Direttore di canale: Philippe Martinetti
Coordinamento editoriale: Vanina Susini
Manager co-produzione: Corine Rovina
Manager Documentary department: Emmanuel Migeot
Commissioning editor: Florence Jammot
Traduzione inglese: Barbara Fisher

RegiaClaudia Tosi Produttore, GeneriDocumentario Durata 84' Anno 2018 Nazione Italia Formato HD Tag Avevo un Sogno / Claudia Tosi / I Had a Dream
Trailer I Had a Dream - english subtitles