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Itapoa, un proyecto que camina

Ci sono persone che credono ancora che un mondo diverso sia possibile. Una di esse è Raul, un biologo che ha dedicato tutta la sua vita allo studio e alla conservazione della foresta tropicale del Chocò (situata ai confini tra…

2019 Raul Nieto, Valentina Lusso go to film

Açik Yara (Open Wound)

Ozan, a university student, returns to his village on receiving the news that his grandmother has died. Back in the village, he finds out a lot about the past of his father, whom he is secretly angry at.

2010 Ahu Öztürk go to film

Endless Games

A child returning to his post-war home looks at life with hope despite all the borders.

2019 Elif Yiğit go to film

Una Revuelta Sin Imágenes

“One of the most unknown uprisings of our history, ‘The Bread Mutiny’, was led by women in Cordoba, in May 1652. There are no faces or names. There is no image of them. How can we recover the gestures of…

2020 Pilar Monsell go to film

Basic Kit

A daily conversation is recorded. No screenplay, only real people talking to each other. Their voices play over a selection of scenes from soap operas. The two layers, image and sound, are juxtaposed to contradict and welcome each other at…

Mondo Nuovo

March 2020. In these days, when the image of the world seems denied to us, and we sadly wonder about the return to "normality" of our cinema and the impossibility of producing images if not completely turned in on themselves,…

2020 Irene Dionisio go to film
Coming soon!


We started in the cold of the morning and began to walk. Between high stone mountains, we encounter fear.

2020 Raquel Marqués go to film
Coming soon!

Si je te vole la mer (If I steal the sea from you)

The video departs from the idea of symbolizing the material, physical and emotional exploitation, in which colonization was based and embedded, by the robbery of the Alger’s port by The French Colonial troupes.

2018 Ro Caminal go to film

Arrivederci Saigon (excerpt)

Five young girls, armed with musical instruments and a desire to sing, leave the Tuscan province for a tour in the Far East. They dream of success, but find themselves at war. It's 1968 and the war is the real…

2018 Wilma Labate go to film
Coming soon!

Lui e io (He and I)

“He and I” narrates the reflections of a woman in her role as wife and mother lived between imposition and choice.

2019 Giulia Cosentino go to film
Coming soon!

44 Messages from Catalonia

44 messages from Catalonia” charts the struggle for independence in private whatsapp conversations

2018 Anna Giralt Gris go to film
Coming soon!

Zimanê Çîya (The Language of Mountains)

Xemgin is six. In class his name is "Hengin", the Turkish version of "Xemgin", while out of school they call him "Pîzot", Kurdish for rascal. He does not talk much at school, but outside he lives up to his Kurdish nickname.…

2016 Lisa Çalan go to film

Pace (Window)

Two women live in a prison in the middle of the desert.

2019 Rezzam Bayram go to film

I Had a Dream (excerpt)

The story of Manuela, MP, and Daniela, a city council member, told intimately and in full without ever ceasing to maintain an elegant air of respect, fits into the context (and this is the challenge for the protagonists at the…

2018 Claudia Tosi go to film

Present Imperfect (Voices from the First Lockdown)

Italy, March 2020, the Covid pandemic hit hard. During the first lockdown a couple of filmmakers tries to survive the alienating condition of isolation.

2020 Maddalena Merlino, Claudio Paletto go to film

Back to Abnormality (more complex than a virus)

Eight stories from eight different countries in the world, Back to Abnormality (more complex than a virus) is about social contradictions that – pre-existing to the virus – exploded with the pandemic.

2020 AA.VV go to film


Ispirato alla Vita di Pierre Seel ed alla autobiografia scritta in collaborazione con Jean Le Bitoux, che a sua volta è stato uno dei più importanti attivisti per i diritti GLBT in Francia e in Europa.

2013 Giovanni Coda go to film

Bullied to death

"Bullied to death" depicts a 24 hour performance against homophobia through the real stories of teenagers worldwide that experience severe bullying episodes at school, from their own families and on the web, as a result of their coming out about…

2016 Giovanni Coda go to film

BULLI & PUPE, a sentimental history of the 50s (excerpt)

A journey through post-World War II Italy, when the young people who had lived helplessly through the horrors of the conflict began to plan a new future. Between dances and songs, between age-old traditions and sudden changes, the images from…

2018 Chiara Ronchini, Steve Della Casa go to film